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Centro Latinoamericano de Innovación y Emprendimiento (CELIEM)
San Jose, Costa Rica
Last updated on 3 Oct 2023
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The Latin American Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CELIEM) was born in Costa Rica in October 2015 with the purpose of transforming companies and their ecosystems through the identification of needs, generating solutions that make a difference and provide added value, for which put into service the acquired knowledge, experience, leadership and reputation of its team, making use of methodological tools that allow providing effective solutions with technical rigor through research, consulting, training programs and business support programs that contribute added value to the actors in the region and transform the models of Latin American development. Our reason for being We were established with the objective of being a strategic benchmark for entrepreneurs, companies, private organizations and public institutions in order to promote competitiveness and economic, social and environmental development, for which the actions are aligned with nine of the Objectives of United Nations Sustainable Development and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Our mission We generate value for business ecosystems through research, analysis, policy formulation, training, and business support in Latin America. Our vision To be a benchmark for innovation and entrepreneurship in the Latin American region.