November 7, 2020
Metrics from the Ground Up 2020

Measurement is about more than just accountability. When impact metrics are integrated with financial and operational metrics they can help organizations develop better products and services, make better investment decisions, and become more efficient in achieving impact. And when evaluations support a collective learning agenda rather just a single project, they build knowledge for the entire sector. Evaluations can be actionable, useful to multiple stakeholders, and inform strategic decision-making if practitioners understand the existing evidence base and work together to fill the gaps. ANDE has hosted its Metrics Conference every year since 2009, sourcing discussion topic and conference themes from emerging measurement practices among our members.

This year, the Metrics from the Ground Up conference happened as a track alongside the Sankalp Global Summit. The event gave ANDE members and the community in India (and beyond) the chance to meet and share knowledge and best practices on impact measurement and management relevant to entrepreneurial support and the greater impact ecosystem.

With 10 sessions spanning over 4 days, the conference had organizations presenting on topics ranging from impact storytelling and holistic measurement of impact to metrics to define youth entrepreneurship and balancing high-level and in-depth data investigations.

Members can access key takeaways and resources from the conference below.