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Samunnati Financial Intermediation and Services Private Limited
Last updated on 29 Apr 2022
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Samunnati (meaning collective prosperity) is a specialized Agri Value Chain enabler that provides innovative and customized financial and non-financial solutions. Samunnati’s focuse areas on five major sectors comprising Fresh Fruits and vegetable, Livestock, Food processing, Agri Inputs and Commodities. Samunnati as a model leverages the social capital and trade capital in buyer seller relationships via aggregators through nontraditional sourcing, risk assessment and mitigation aided by technology, thereby building a quality business that results in inclusive growth. Samunnati provides customised financial intermediation, market linkage and advisory solutions for entities/aggregators engaged in the entire spectrum of agriculture and allied activities of agri value chains in India. Financial Services: Tailored financial solutions ranging from 5 Thousandxx to 10 crores for 3 – 365 days for Agri and allied activities thereby strengthening linkages among participants in the chain. Aggregation: Samunnati follows a B2B2C model and works with the supply side of the Agri value chains, to leverage the power of aggregation. Market Linkages: Samunnati establishes market linkages between input suppliers, farmers members of community based organisations and Agri enterprises (traders, processors and exporters) both on the demand and supply sides, thereby enhancing the value of all players. Advisory: Samunnati offers knowledge management and technological services for better member management, demand aggregation and output purchase management for its customers. Samunnati has also developed an engagement tool for the Community Based Organisations to help assess financial and non-financial requirements.