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Mexico City, Mexico
Last updated on 27 Oct 2022
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PSM is a venture philanthropy- and impact investing organization supporting the development of social entrepreneurs’ initiatives that aim to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable and underprivileged sector of society. PSM’s main objective is to positively impact the development and well-being of Mexican society through ventures that improve education, health and economic development, appraising every person’s dignity. To achieve this goal, our strategy focuses on: 1. Participating in social enterprises through equity investments, debt and mezzanine financing as well as grants geared toward strengthening organizational capacities. 2. Driving the development of social entrepreneurs and social enterprises. 3. Developing the social impact ecosystem in Mexico. We invest in scalable and profitable business models capable of reaching large segments of the population, specifically targeting the BoP in Mexico. Our investments improve the well-being and living conditions of those who need it most, by providing access to high quality- and low-cost products as well as services.