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iDE (International Development Enterprises)
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Last updated on 8 Nov 2022
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iDE transforms the lives of marginalized communities around the world through creating lasting income and livelihood opportunities for rural families. We accomplish this by leveraging human-centered data and market research to create functional inclusive market systems that are flexible to adapt to changing market conditions. We champion the rural poor as critical market actors: customers, entrepreneurs, sales agents, producers, and more, because we believe that if we want to end poverty we must empower the millions of people who now live on $2 a day to seize opportunities and prosper on their own terms. By harnessing the power of creativity and entrepreneurship on an individual level, iDE develops a deep understanding of the local market and designs products and services to ensure people can benefit from them. Starting with market assessments grounded in human-centered design, iDE works to understand the gaps in markets that impede people from participating in their local economy. We then test interventions to fill those gaps, and successful ones are replicated and scaled to reach critical mass and serve as a springboard for entire districts, provinces and nations to move from poverty to generational prosperity. To date, iDE has launched five social enterprises ranging from selling household water filters for access to safe drinking water, to treadle pumps that help farmers with water-smart technologies to have more productive farming businesses, to aspirational toilets (over 1 million toilets have been sold to-date) that are demonstrating how market-based solutions can help us achieve SDG 6.2. As of 2020, we’ve helped 35 million people increase their annual household income by $269 and we’ve done so while maintaining a commitment to deliver a benefit-to-cost ratio of at least 10:1 and, historically, our programs generate $14 in economic benefit for every $1 we invest.