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Based on almost 50 years of grant-managing and financial experience, combined with an active role within the global sustainability and climate change debate, a Hivos’ Social Enterprise Support Programme has been set up to support the growth and development of early-stage SMEs. The cornerstone of this program is our network of approximately 40 co-working spaces, which plays a central role in our ambition to scale up for impact. Through these community spaces we are in direct contact with many creative and green entrepreneurs, who have a social and environmental agenda. These spaces provide training and legal support as well as a platform for linking with impact investors, policy makers and research institutes. Furthermore, Hivos Impact Investments connects the entrepreneurs with impact investors, through its network of co-investors. In addition, we have funded advocacy programs (until 2020) to improve the ecosystem for social entrepreneurship. Governments can develop policies that help early stage entrepreneurs such as fiscal incentives in the first years of operation, start up grants, research grants, legal IP support, and guarantees on loans. Hivos Impact Investments: Hivos Impact Investments is a dedicated impact management company, dedicated to set up and manage the sme investments assets and funds of Hivos Foundation. We currently have two funds under management, Hivos Mideast Creatives Fund and Hivos Food and Lifestyle Fund. We support SGB's by providing finance and support in co-operation with local investors and the wider programs of Hivos Foundation and other partners.