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HASSAD Agritech Accelerator
Last updated on 1 Mar 2022
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HASSAD is an Agritech Accelerator, it is providing a business acceleration program designed for the next generation of Agritech & Agrifood startup companies in Jordan. The Acceleration program has been designed by studying the journeys of successful Agritech startup companies and the agricultural sector in Jordan and then designed an interactive acceleration program. HASSAD aims to be a catalyst for the development of the agricultural sector in Jordan through its innovative startups. We will enable SGBs to receive hands-on support and access to 500,000 square meters of agriculture land, the potential to sell their products and solutions to operating agricultural projects, access to office space in Amman, Cairo, Nairobi, and the Bay area around San Francisco, accumulated knowledge, skills and entrepreneurial expertise. This access is supported by a mentor network, co-working space, exclusive events, workshops, legal consultation and facilitating official registration, financial aid as well and additional resources basically anything that helps to get your Business/Project of the ground and accelerate its growth.