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Melbourne, Australia
Last updated on 8 Sep 2021
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The Good Business Foundation (GBF) is currently establishing itself around a family office in Melbourne Australia. Once publicly launched (mid 2021) the GBF will be focusing on supporting the impact SME/SGB sector in the Asia-Pacific and in Indigenous led businesses in Australia. It will do this by: - Supporting/granting to ESO/Intermediaries that support impact SMEs. These intermediaries will initially be Australian based. These intermediaries will have a strong gender focus, provide technical assistance/mentoring/coaching and help impact SMEs access much needed and timely capital. - Impact investing in impact SMEs/SGBs: We will look into investing into funds initially that are established to provide capital to the SME impact sector. - Building the SGB/SME impact sector: Working with our personal and professional networks to 'expand the pie' for support for the SME impact sector. This will including raising the voices of those working within the sector as well as help build networks and joint learning across the ecosystem. For more information see: