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Last updated on 1 Mar 2022
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GoMassive is an accelerator focused on supporting startups working on pollution reduction i.e. Clean Energy, Clean Mobility, Clean Water, Clean Food & Clean Cities sectors. As startups/SGBs in these sectors are solving complex, multi - dimensional problems, hence GEN is creating an ecosystem of policy advocacy, academia, research, IP etc. through its partnership with leading global and Indian institutions such as United Nation's Environment Program (UNEP), Invest India, Research Triangle Institute (RTI), New Energy Nexus, NRDC, IIT Delhi, IIM Lucknow and many more. GoMassive also facilitates startups to raise funding from angel investors, corporates and Venture Capital (VC) funds GoMassive is as of now working with Indian startups/SGBs but aims to expand to support global innovative startups/SGBs from across developing countries.