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Last updated on 11 Aug 2022
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FINCA is one of the largest microfinance owner-operators in the world. For over 30 years, FINCA has provided millions of low-income people access to loans and other financial services. FINCA’s microfinance operations span 21 countries serving nearly 2 million clients. Over more than 30 years, our pioneering work has influenced the creation, development and success of the microfinance industry, helping the global community recognize that people in poor nations are often the best agents of change. The very nature of our work in microfinance has been to support entrepreneurs and to provide financing to small business – thus creating opportunity, hope and tools for action. As a social enterprise dedicated to financial inclusion, our model has been able to offer a unique ground-up approach to market development. FINCA has a history of mobilizing resources from the philanthropic, commercial and governmental sectors for social impact purposes. We’re proof that social enterprises work. Recognizing the power of our global grassroots network, FINCA aims to connect our communities to SGBs that seek to provide access to life-improving products for the customer segment FINCA serves. FINCA aims to support high potential Social Enterprises that are developing and/or providing products or services that align with and contribute importantly to FINCA’s mission. FINCA is leveraging its knowledge, network and trusted brand to increase access to non-financial products and solutions that can dramatically improve the health, productivity and overall quality of life of our clients and other low-income people. FINCA takes an integrated approach by providing patient capital as well as partnership opportunities, contacts, business intelligence, marketing assistance, and other pre/post-investment technical support to help these businesses scale.