West Africa Chapter
Metrics Learning Lab

This group seeks to create and share knowledge, and identify gaps and opportunities around metrics and impact to support intermediary organizations and entrepreneurs in the region.

There has been a significant rise in impact investment in West Africa in the last decade, and with this rise comes the need to measure and manage metrics and impact data. However, West Africa is still in the early stages of developing and implementing impact measurement and management (IMM) strategies that fit the purpose for which they are designed.

Many SGBs and intermediaries in West Africa struggle to develop and implement impact measurement and management strategies in their organizations. Many local fund managers and investees have trouble with consistency in reporting impact and lack the capacity to track and collect impact data. On one hand, there is a lack of capacity to track and collect impact data. On the other hand, there are imbalances between the funder’s expectations and program design.


  • To strengthen the local ecosystem through knowledge sharing and collaboration on impact measurement and management.
  • To develop the capacity of impact managers in the ANDE network.

ANDE staff contact: Ajoke Omoware

Learning Lab Co-Chair
Director, Programs & Grants, Aspire Coronation Trust (ACT) Foundation