South Africa Chapter
Metrics Learning Lab

This group provides a forum for regional actors to learn and collaborate on topics related to metrics, such as industry standards, measuring outcomes, measurement along the impact value chain, and creating a culture of measurement.

In 2017, ANDE South Africa established the Metrics Learning Lab, an 18-month project completed through the Catalyst Fund for Impact Measurement in Africa. The project was started to catalyze a community of practitioners in South Africa around the topic of impact measurement.

The ANDE Metrics Learning Lab aims to build and enhance the capacity of member organizations in South Africa who support SGBs in the measurement of their social and environmental performance.

The South Africa Metrics Learning Learning Lab is supported by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) Impact Programme, which aims to catalyze the market for impact investment in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

ANDE staff contact: Nonceba Qabazi

Featured Publications

"This supplementary guide has been created with the aim of mapping this landscape and to generate awareness and understanding of the impact space in South Africa. This guide explores why and how organisations are measuring their impact; the benefits and challenges of impact measurement and management; how impact data is used and reported; and the future of impact measurement and management in South Africa."