South Africa Chapter
Impact Measurement Learning Lab

This group serves as a community of practice for intermediaries in South Africa to share best practices and discuss issues relating to impact measurement and management (IMM) through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. The Learning Lab also supports intermediaries in encouraging the SGBs they work with to adopt their own IMM practices.

Building on the momentum of the Metrics Learning Lab, in 2019 ANDE South Africa collaborated with Social Value UK on a project funded by the Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies (DICE) Fund, a British Council global program primarily aimed at addressing issues of economic and social exclusion. ANDE South Africa used this project as an opportunity to further provide support to organizations which are often excluded in the narrative of industries and economic groups contributing to the GDP of the South African Economy.

ANDE leads this project by encouraging the continued use of impact management practices, supporting practical application and providing training for intermediaries and entrepreneurs in the social and creative industries in South Africa.

ANDE recognizes that even with the level of expertise, previous training provided, the sharing of resources, peer discussions related to international best practice and the prior support provided for understanding impact measurement indicators and metrics, member organizations are still in need of a peer engaging and learning platform.

In 2021, ANDE South Africa continued this learning lab in partnership with the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation. These learning labs explored the importance of understanding impact in context, engaging multiple stakeholders to ensure appropriate contextual perception and the need to guarantee accurate reporting and impact measurement.

ANDE staff contact: Nonceba Qabazi